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Biglorryblog: Class in Cumbria

Paul  sent this e-mail to with the accompanying great photos Hi Big Lorry Blog I thought you and the Anorak Army might be interested in a vehicle I spotted yesterday.  I was shopping in my home town of Brampton in Cumbria when I spotted the vehicle which turned out to be a very smart looking 1946 Morris Commercial van …

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Sit back for Part 1 of the Carlisle and District Vintage show on Biglorryblog

In April, exhibitors and spectators from all over the North of England and Scotland headed to Borderway Auction mart, just of M6 J43 in Carlisle for the annual Carlisle & District Vintage Society Trucks Show, which featured modern and vintage trucks along with car, tractors, motorcycles and static steam engines. As usual Paul took his camera along and took some …

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Foden gearboxes and weird shift patterns return to Biglorryblog—thanks to Barry, John O, Peter, Brian and John H!

Barry Wilkinson has sent this to me: “I’m told it’s an ‘epicyclic section of a Foden 8 speed gearbox’, But never mind that, who’s the guy? Regards, Barry.” And perhaps John O or ‘T’Other Brian can confirm it….now click through here for more Foden gearbox discussions… Peter Hallagan e-mails me: “Hi Brian,  attached  is a gear-change sequence for the Foden 12 speed …

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