Fully-electric DAF CF goes to work for Dutch supermarket

Here’s the first electric DAF CF to hit the road. With 100km range, 30 minute quick charge and 90 minute full-charge time the truck is the perfect solution for zero-emission delivery into cities, especially those with Ultra-low emission zones. The horsepower is a modest 280bhp, but that doesn’t tell the whole story as there’s 2000nm of torque available from standstill.

We here at Truck & Driver like it. Transport in the next few years is going to change a lot. An electric truck like this isn’t going to replace your XF Superspace 530. Electric, hybrid and gas trucks are going to be used increasingly for urban distribution instead of diesel. The Electric CF is cool because it’s a proper lorry. From the driver seat it’s as conventional as a normal CF and we like that. It’s not some daft concept where you sit in the middle and it looks like a melted welly boot.

Here’s the press release in its entirety:


Jumbo takes delivery of first DAF CF Electric

DAF Trucks has today delivered its first fully electric truck to Dutch supermarket chain, Jumbo. The CF Electric has been developed in a joint venture between DAF and VDL, and will be used by Jumbo to supply its supermarkets in the south of the Netherlands. Jumbo CEO Frits van Eerd was handed the keys to the DAF CF Electric by DAF Trucks President Harry Wolters alongside Willem van der Leegte, President and CEO of VDL Groep.

The first DAF CF Electric to enter in-service operations represents a significant milestone for DAF Trucks, VDL and Jumbo. Delivery of the fully electric DAF commercial vehicle marks the start of a series of long-term field tests using both fully electric and hybrid trucks.


Electric trucks for urban areas
“The transport sector is about to undergo a major transformation,” says Harry Wolters, “Electric trucks look set to become the norm for deliveries in urban areas. Not today and not next year, but definitely within the foreseeable future. I am particularly proud that today marks the beginning of a large-scale field testing project that will see DAF working in collaboration with VDL and Jumbo. This project,” he adds, “will allow us to gather useful data and experience in relation to both the technology and the operational aspects. We can then use our findings to ensure that the final series-production model provides the ideal solution to future market requirements.”

The next step towards sustainability
“Introducing this new electric truck is the next step towards our goal of implementing a sustainable strategy for our vehicle fleet”, says Frits van Eerd. “Our business puts us right at the heart of the community, and our ultimate goal is to be using electric vehicles to supply 45% of our shops. By 2020, we hope to have reduced CO2 emissions from Jumbo’s vehicle fleet by 50% compared with 2008.”


Emission-free and low-noise
Willem van der Leegte from VDL Groep explains, “It is truly wonderful to see three companies from the Brabant region come together in this way. Today’s events put Jumbo, DAF and VDL at the forefront of work to develop emission-free transport and reduce noise levels. We are working on the basis that this approach will become the norm in urban areas. The DAF CF Electric featuring E-Power Technology from VDL provides transporters with the ideal solution to their needs and represents a major step forward in terms of achieving sustainability in goods transport and distribution.”

VDL and TNO assess potential for green charging
The DAF CF Electric is capable of deliveries within a radius of about 50 kilometres with zero local emissions and with minimal noise pollution. A charging station to charge the truck has been installed at the Jumbo distribution centre in Veghel. V-Storage, a joint venture between VDL Groep and Scholt Energy Control, is working with Dutch research body, TNO, to assess the feasibility of fitting solar panels to power the charging station.

The DAF CF Electric
The DAF CF Electric is a 4×2 tractor unit developed for road haulage at up to 37 tonnes in urban areas, for which single-axle or dual-axle trailers are standard. The vehicle is based on the DAF CF—named ‘International Truck of the Year 2018’—and is electrically operated using VDL’s E-Power Technology. The centre of this intelligent powertrain is a 210-kW electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack with a current total capacity of 170 kWh. The CF Electric has a range of approximately 100 kilometres, making it suitable for high-volume transport in the urban distribution market. The battery has a 30-minute quick-charge feature and a full charge takes just 1.5 hours.

DAF CF Electric — Technical specifications
Tractor weight                              9,700 kg
Electric motor                              210 kW
Torque                                         2,000 Nm
Battery capacity                          170 kW
Range of fully charged truck       100 km
Battery quick-charge                   30 minutes
Full charge                                  1.5 hours