Looking back: a truck photo selection from the M74 & old A74 from April 2013

During the course of putting together magazines, we accumulate a large amount of images. As of course, do photography enthusiasts. As time passes, what’s new and plentiful becomes old, rare and interesting.

MLG are no longer operating. Their DAF XF Superspace looked smart on the two-lane section of A74.

We were raking for some pictures in our archives and happened across this random folder of truck photos taken nearly seven years ago on the way back from a truck show in Carlisle. Some of the trucks pictured are getting less numerous these days, including a trio of Mp3 Actros and a Renault Premium. Some hauliers are no longer with us, having closed the doors or been bought over. Remember, a photo is a snapshot in time and you never know what value something may have in the future! Pics credit: Steve McCann

Langdon’s and Freshlinc Scania Highline pair parked south of Abington

They’re not doing anything sitting hidden away so we thought we’d share these, and other photos on biglorryblog.

Old style NFT livery on this Actros, which is the lower-cabbed non Megaspace version of the Mp3


West of Scotland Heavy Haulage has been through some changes since 2013
Pollock Scotrans continues to thrive, the livery is the same today as seen on this Daf XF


An Eddie Stobart Scania at rest. Happier times for the transport giant?
An Aalco Actros Mp3 Megaspace leaving Lockerbie lorry park which was not yet surfaced at the time
A roped and sheeted load on the old A74! McMillan of Linwood’s R440 tag
Renault Premium working for TP Niven but not in their full livery