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Classic commercials; haulage tales from yesteryear; and the weird and the wonderful from the world of trucks – Big Lorry Blog has it all! The anorak army bring you tales of big rigs; little rigs and downright unusual rigs from far-flung parts of the world.

Biglorryblog: Volvo FM and Chips please

P. D. Huggins Potatoes stunning new Volvo FM-330 6×2 rear-steer rigid, with air suspension on all axles, provides the ultimate driving comfort environment for deliveries of an essential ingredient that is one half of what has been dubbed by its aficionados as ‘the ultimate comfort food’. The FM is used by the Warboys, Cambridgeshire-based operator, to make deliveries of potatoes …

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Biglorryblog: Driving the new Scania and more

Biglorryblog is off to Sweden for a few days to  take a close look at the new Scania.  While we are gone here is BLBs old mate Will Shiers, Editor in chief at Commercial Motor, with his view of Scanias new offering. Just click on the video below to watch  

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Biglorryblog: Nixon takes its 50th Isuzu

Construction equipment hire company Nixon Hire has just celebrated the arrival of its 50th Isuzu, as a further 10 more Isuzu 7.5 tonne rigids have now been added to its nationwide service fleet. The relationship between Nixon Hire and Isuzu Truck UK goes back eight years and these are now the second generation of Isuzu trucks to be in operation …

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Biglorryblog; More bling from downunder

More from Graham and the Truck Show at Casino NSW , Not your average bling Truck. Nice pair of stacks ! For a virtual BLB pie can you identify the make and model? More usual bling truck a very smart  Mack also on show images copyright Graham Kircher

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Biglorryblog: Its big! BLB drives the Range T Maxispace

When the Range T was introduced in 2013 its looks raised some eyebrows. As did the revelation that there would be no right hand drive flagship to replace the Magnum. now 3 years on  the look has grown on people, but  still the top of the range flat floor model, The T High Maxispace, is only available to our left hand …

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Biglorryblog: Old Bedfords never die

Well they do, the venerable Bedford TK, once the workhorse of the UK transport industry  are now a very rare sight outside the restoration scene. But this ones is still hard at work grafting for its living. Spotted by TK fan Dave in Hastings Sussex.  Great original looking condition for its year.   Image copyright Dave Young

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Biglorryblog: Good scenery, good truck, good trailer good job

It isn’t easy to be an owner driver these days. In the current financial climate many are calling it a day. But one owner operator is bucking the trend and doing it in the specialised world of heavy haulage. Steve Butlers Volvo FH can often be seen  carrying strange objects that have been the cause of much speculation,   some even …

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Biglorryblog: Old Austins plod on down under

Austins at a Truck Show in Brisbane , more wheels than they need may be? But interesting says Graham K   This old Austin Is still working on the farm loved so much they have polished all the red paint off back to the primer , the number plate is Queensland farm  reg.   Great Pics as ever Graham, thanks …

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Biglorryblog: Its coming- the next generation of Scania arrives today

So we’ve arrived in Paris for the grand unveiling of Scania’s new truck generation. Given they’ve been working on this update for the past 10 years we’re expecting big things and you’ll be first to get all the news here at BigLorryBlog. We’re expecting the wraps to come off the new truck at about 8pm UK time and, internet connection …

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Biglorryblog: Our newest reporter at the North East Truckers show

Dear Biglorryblog, My name is Dylan, I am 3yrs 9mths old. Sunday 14th August I   went, with my camera, to the North East Truckers Fundraising Truck Show in Newcastle upon Tyne. The show was to raise money to build a sensory room at Northburn Sports & Community Centre, Cramlington. This will be called Seb & Olivia’s Den in memory of …

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