NUPTIAL AGREEMENT – Review and Rated

Team T&D’s Russell and his better half Louise have put the top-spec Aguri satnav to test in both the UK and Europe. It features loads of extras, including a dashcam. Here’s how they got on.
Louise’s UK test: This Aguri satnav far outweighs all other navigation systems. I used it for a week on UK work and can honestly say I was very impressed with it. Until a few years ago I only trusted a well-known brand when it came to nav.
When I was given the Aguri to test I was a bit dubious as I had never heard of it before. First impressions? The Truck TX720 DVR has a good screen and it’s easy to set up the truck’s height and weight. It’s all very user-friendly and
easy to follow. I ran it side by side with two other satnavs to several UK destinations and the Aguri was spot-on every time. It took the most sensible route consistently and didn’t try to take me through housing estates or restricted areas!
An important feature is the easy-to-see alternative routes; pick your option and add in extra stops en route. The colour schemes are good and easy on the eyes, the instructions clear and easy to follow. I’ve struggled to find a downside.
At last, I’ve finally found a satnav I can trust and I intend to purchase one as soon as I can. Russell’s Euro test: I used the Aguri Truck TX720 DVR in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain and it was very good. I’m not too clued up on these things but it did what I needed it to do. I just put in my truck height and route and it took me to the doorstep every time.
The rubber case is perfect for us clumsy fellas and the dashcam function worked very well too.
Aguri Truck TX720 DVR, £229.99. Go to