Snapping out of it – STORY OF THE MONTH!

One of the keys to good pics is having the sun in the correct spot

Regular contributor Lucy Sames has written to T&D about her passion for truck photography. “It all started in 2011. I was suffering with depression after my mum passed away and I needed something to occupy my mind and keep me busy. “I would often see Stobart trucks when out on my travels – then one day I saw one with my mum’s name on it, ‘Linda Margaret’.

“That was it! I started spotting them and joined the Stobart Club. I would go to road bridges near me and take pictures. Back then, I had only a Samsung point ’n’ shoot camera so my photographs weren’t the best. “Soon I was photographing a variety of operators and decided I needed better equipment, so I bought a new Canon 500D [digital camera] – and what a difference that made to my photos!

Daf XF Super Space approaches
Daf XF Super Space approaches

“In 2015 I started my own Facebook page – Lucy Emma’s Truck Photography – dedicated to my love of truck photography. I never imagined I would get many followers but it’s become a huge success, reaching over 13,000 followers and growing each day.

“I now travel all over the UK and Europe taking photos. I also attend a few shows throughout the year; as much as I like going to these shows, I do prefer to photograph trucks out working and pulling their trailers. “A lot has changed since 2015. I now have two better Canon cameras, a 7D MkII and a 5D MkII, along with a selection of L-series lenses.

Colourful Arclid eight- wheeler
Colourful Arclid eight- wheeler

 “This hobby has to be the best thing I have ever done. It gets me out on a regular basis and has helped me get over my depression. “I can usually be found on ‘my’ bridge over the M1 at junction 10 Luton, so if you’re a truck driver and you’re passing, then why not give me a flash? You never know, you may end up on my page.” Lucy concludes: “I can also be found on Flickr – which has more than 140,000 photos and is updated daily – as well as on Instagram.”

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