650hp Volvo FH16…. road sweeper?! Yep!

Devon-based Brooking Hire operates a fleet of 14 truck-mounted vacuum sweepers – all of which are based on Volvo chassis – but their recently-delivered new Volvo FH16-based flagship, supplied by Justin Fisher, Sales Director at Stuarts Truck and Bus, is one of the highest-specification sweeper vehicles in Europe.



One of the most unusual vehicles of the year, here’s some of the press release about this supersweeper: “Twelve of the Brooking Hire fleet are two-axle Volvo FMs with Johnston VT801 equipment, but two are special Johnston-Beam units designed to give a ‘back-to-black’ surface finish. However, the Totnes-based operation’s latest acquisition, fitted with the Johnston-Beam S14000 sweeper body, is based on the Volvo FH16 6×2 rear-steer chassis. This 650hp unit features front and rear high-pressure spray bars, dual / simultaneous sweep and a rear suction bar with V-jets operating at 400bar to give that ‘back-to-black’ finish. Full hydrostatic drive is engaged when sweeping and the truck’s water tank capacity is 9300 litres.”

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