8 leggers of the world : The wonders of Peru on Biglorryblog

In addition to the pictures John sent  a few days ago,He thought  we might like some eight-leggers as well. Peruvian eight-leggers can be divided into two groups. There are imported European and Chinese twin-steer models, e.g. Volvo and Shacman, such as one might see in many countries. The other group consists of six-wheelers to which a lifting fourth axle has been added. These are the lorries one sees around the back roads.

This one particular lorry saw in the south was performing a particularly important service: beer delivery! As you can see  the crew travel in comfort.

Eight-leggers are not just confined to lorries. There are quite a few eight-legger coaches too  These seem nowadays all to be Brazilian Marco Polo models but twenty years ago one long distance coach company had a fleet of Neoplan eight leggers. Sadly John says he  never got any pictures of them.