Middle-East warrior! The Mighty Leyland Marathon revisited on Biglorryblog thanks to Neil H!


Biglorryblog is forever in debt to Neil Halliwell, marketing services manager at DAF Trucks in Thame…I recently was in his company and naturally the topic turned to old trucks and Biglorryblog and Neil mentioned he had a Marathon brochure from 1973 (published by the Truck + Bus Division of British Leyland ‘The Champions of Road Transport.’) “Cor…!” says I, “Any chance of you sending it to me so I can scan in some pages for BLB?” “No sweat” he replied and he’s been as good as his word as the other day a big parcel of old Leyland spec sheets and the brochure arrived. So thanks Neil. It’s about time we celebrated the big Marathon! So click through here for more…


And here’s the back cover…and what’s that strange truck alongside the Marathon?


I think this shot is in Belgium–but either way it’s not the Birmingham ring-road!


And this was made it all work..yes the mighty six-pot TL12with a roarty 273hp and throbby 1,055Nm of torque..and an oil-cooler came as standard too!


So where’s this?


Available with single and double-drive Leyland axles and a twin-countershaft range change gearbox (that’s got to be a Fuller?)


And how’s this for a top-of-the-range sleeper cab? I can just feel that ‘velour’ on the seats..mmmmm…..


When Marathons roamed the earth…and Calais docks. Thanks Neil for the wonderful memories! And here’s one for my anorak army—how well did it compare with a Volvo F88? 

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