Biglorryblog agrees- you dont see many of these in Devon- or anywhere else for that matter

‘You don’t see many of these around any more!’ says Steve , long time friend and contributor to Biglorryblog. Saw this in the car park in Colyton, Devon where we have a cottage. Its a 50 year old Hanomag 4×4 which started life as an ambulance, presumably for use in the mountains of Germany. Hanomag Henschel (sp?) made odd balls like this for police, ambulance, border patrol services and such like. The guy that owns it reckons there are about 400 Hanomags still around with about 4-5 in the uk. Amazingly one of the uk ones is right hand drive! I chatted to the owner who hails from near Dusseldorf and he said it now has a Merc OM 3.8 litre engine in place of the original. He’s converted it into a camper van but with no power steering it must be hard work to drive round the lanes of Devon! Hanomag was bought out by Merc – not sure when- but their model range was in direct competition with its Unimog, so it kicked it into touch,

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