Biglorryblog: Class in Cumbria

Paul  sent this e-mail to [email protected] with the accompanying great photos

Hi Big Lorry Blog

I thought you and the Anorak Army might be interested in a vehicle I
spotted yesterday.
1946 Morris Commercial 001
 I was shopping in my home town of Brampton in Cumbria when I spotted
the vehicle which turned out to be a very smart looking 1946 Morris
Commercial van in a fetching two tone green colour scheme with quite
an array of badges on the front bumper.
1946 Morris Commercial 003
I cannot help but wonder how many of the Ford Transits and the like
which are on the road today will still be with us in 70 years time
like this van is.

I hope you like it

We certainly do Paul, many thanks- its a cracker !


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