Biglorryblog: Its big! BLB drives the Range T Maxispace

When the Range T was introduced in 2013 its looks raised some eyebrows. As did the revelation that there would be no right hand drive flagship to replace the Magnum. now 3 years on  the look has grown on people, but  still the top of the range flat floor model, The T High Maxispace, is only available to our left hand driving colleagues. Not to be deterred Biglorryblog took  one out for a spin on the North Yorkshire roads.


The Maxispace  looks imposing on the road, and certainly the climb into the cab is a long way up, but still a lot easier than in the Magnum ! Once settled into to the leather drivers seat  the first thing that strikes is the impressive field of view  both through the screen and by the ample mirrors. Then the space, There seems like acres  of it inside the cab despite it being well equipped with storage lockers. For nights there is an impressive comfortable bunk and the passenger seat swivels round 120 degrees. a fold down table and fridge takes care of the eating arrangements. Despite the dark colours used  inside  it feels bright and airy and certainly helps the relaxed feel you get when driving it.


On the road the 520hp engine, the Optidriver gearbox, Optibrake retarder , Adaptive cruise control , Lane departure warning system  and emergency braking system meant that I could concentrate on remembering my lane position in the left hand drive. Loaded to a European  norm of just under 40 tonnes ,It is a credit to the driveability of the T High Maxispace that despite rarely having driven a left hand drive truck I soon felt at ease  and able to enjoy the drive  rather than constantly fretting about being sat on the wrong side of the cab. It is not often when driving  a truck that this tester cannot find fault somewhere and I did  with the Range T520 High Maxispace!  and the only issue is with the placement of the steering wheel.  It really is a superb living and working environment  and a worthy flagship to the Renault trucks range.  Come on Renault give us it in UK spec because everything else about it is a winner- even the looks


Images copyright Dave Young and Rikki Chequer