Biglorryblog recieves the “Lost Photo’s” from the Russia and China trip

The Anorak army might remember the posts about Helen and Jens Claussen world trip , ( Read it here ).  Luke writes in again to tell us that It seems that Jens Claussen took a load more truck photos that I wasn’t aware of, they were taken on a different camera and forgotten about. These photos feature mostly Georgian trucks but there’re also some funny ones from China/Tibet, Like the “Oops Boss” image aboveBreaking down in  remore Tibet, there isnt the AA to call out, so you  call on a passing Tipper truckAnd a few locals for lifting powerMaximising payload can be an art formAnd people think that the American Winnebago is a large motor home !Ural Truck. Bus or  Motorhome?  you decideOn roads like these when you see a MAZ drilling combo coming, you pull over to let him pastLastly  theres this UAZ in its last resting place. With views like that its not a bad place to slowly rust away

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