Biglorryblog salutes these old soldiers still serving a valuable duty

Truckingwrite spotted these old soldiers on a top secret military testing area ( visible from the M3 at Chobham). Long past the time when they can provide valuable logistics support they are now used to train servicemen and women in recovery techniques. The TM above certainly seems to have a rough timeWhile this tipper TM’s cab seems to be pretty solid – its a shame it cant be saved as I bet a few truck restorers would love to get their hands on one in this good a condition

This  MK  4 tonner however  looks like it has been in the wars for quite a whileThis 8 legger Foden is just lying down have a rest  while it waits for the next bunch of Squaddies  to arrive to learn the art of recovery.It is a sure sign of getting old though when the TM and Foden are described as veteran military equipment, This Biglorryblog editor can remember when the TM and Foden were “Gucci kit”  and can even remember the numberplate of the  first Foden he was assigned to – 12 GB 64