Biglorryblog visits another world… ‘The World of Custom Trucks’

Every once in a while Biglorryblog gets sent a review copy of a book that hits me right between the eyes. And ‘The World of Custom Trucks’ authored and photographed by my old Swiss chum Ferdy De Martin (check out his website on and ace French truck-snapper Xavier Stéfaniak, and published by Old Pond in the UK, is one such example.

It’s a stunning production featuring more than 200 superb pictures of 29 top-drawer custom trucks from (as the title suggests) all around the World including the USA, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Germany, Sweden France, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Good old Blighty too–as you can see from these examples kindly sent to me by Jennie at Old Pond, featuring the Scania R580 Topline run by Fred Greenwood & Son and the AR Keen & Son, Harry Price (UK) ‘Transformer’ R143.

Scania R580 Topline run by Fred Greenwood & Son

Scania R580 Topline, Fred Greenwood & Son

Scania 143 Transformers AR Keen & Son Harry Price

AR Keen & Son, Harry Price (UK) ‘Transformer’ R143

And what Biglorryblog really likes about this book is that not only is the photography of each truck eye-wateringly good (and all in stunning colour) but that it also features a shed-load of trucks you wouldn’t normally see in the usual round of UK Truckfest events. What’s more the extent of customising covers a very broad church of entries from full air-brushed artworks and custom cuties to less-demonstrative, but no-less attractive retro restorations. And along with stunning exterior location shots there’s oodles of interior shots and detail pictures too.

Scania 143 Transformers interior

‘Transformer’ R143 interior

Scania R580 cab upholstery

Fred Greenwood & Son Scania R580 Topline – cab upholstery

Indeed, I reckon Ferdy and Xavier have done a cracking job in producing a book that will grace any trucker’s coffee table (or cab) especially if there’s a birthday coming up!

The 160-page hardback book is due out on April 26 and costs £19.95, and you can order it by calling Old Pond Publishing on 01473 238200 or by visiting And don’t forget to follow Old Pond on

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