Essex Bulk turn to MAN with a weighty problem, Biglorryblog hears how it was resolved

When weight is the key, Essex Bulk Services in Grays says it is benefitting from at least a half-tonne payload advantage from each of its latest MAN TGX 26.440 6×2 tractor units. 12 trucks have just been acquired through MAN TopUsed, MAN’s quality-approved used truck programme, with a further 18 vehicles on the cards in 2015

Payload is extremely important to Essex Bulk and the unladen weight  on the TGX made the decision easy  “ it’s a minimum of half-a-tonne,” states Transport Director, Garry Childs, “at just 8.3 tonnes, including PTO equipment plus a full tank of fuel, the new MAN  tractors are almost a full tonne lighter against another truck brand on our fleet. Where weight is critical, that’s a massive advantage for our overall productivity. The MANs come with MAN Fleet Management packages, with MAN Telematics at its core .

“The front-mounted camera has proved instrumental in contesting two spurious insurance claims against us,” adds Childs, “after analysis by the insurance companies, it was clear that in each separate case, the car driver was at fault – thus saving the company substantial costs.

The new MAN  fleet goes straight into service on ‘bag-in-a-box’ recyclable waste deliveries – a unique service offered by Essex Bulk Services. Bulk trailers with blowing equipment complete the company’s specialist dry-bulk transport offering.

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