How far could you go asks Biglorryblog

Well Barry supplies Biglorryblog with an answer, just about as far East as you could go was Almaty in Kazakhstan.  Any further and you were in China, and as yet Biglorryblog has yet to hear of anyone who managed to take a UK truck across that border.  A veteran of Middle East runs this was something new for Barry.  You might expect  top of the range trucks for such a mission but as you can see they were more basic fleet motors.The trip was to deliver machines and stand for an exhibition,  then take the same up to Novosibirsk Siberia for another, before finally returning  to Western Europe  via Kazakhstan again ( due to doubts wether the Novosibirsk to Omsk was suitable for the 25 metre long draw bar combination)
This far from Home if it broke there was no calling out a fitterFreezing Diesel being just one of the problems that Barry faced as he says “around Ufa we broke a spring on the dolly, I blocked it with wood and crept into a truck park compound. Had a local fix it.. We were there for three days and we became friendly with the local drivers, when the dolly was finally fixed the local drivers gave us a farewell party, a dirty old mat on a dirty dusty oil stained ground eating Caviar, bread and small fish like sardines. Not forgetting the Vodka… ” The only other Englishman Barry met on the trip was one of Croomes around St Petersburgh, while many companies tried the Middle East run going that FAR East was a step to far even for many of them.

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