Jumbo electric DAF CF

This may look like a normal Daf CF but it is in fact the first fully electric model to enter service.

CF Electric has been developed in a joint venture between Daf and VDL and will be used by Dutch supermarket Jumbo to supply its shops in the south of the Netherlands.

With a 100km range, 30-minute quick-charge and 90-minute full-charge time, the truck is the perfect solution for zero-emissions delivery into cities, especially those with ultra low emission zones.

The horsepower is a modest 280 but that doesn’t tell the whole story as there’s 2000Nm of torque available from a standstill.

We here at T&D like it.

Transport in the next few years is going to change a lot. An electric truck like this won’t replace your XF Super Space 530; electric, hybrid and gas trucks are going to be used increasingly for urban distribution instead of diesel.

The Electric CF is cool because it’s a proper lorry. From the driver seat it’s as conventional as a normal CF and we like that.