Meet the cover stars of Truck & Driver! A Scania T-cab V8, a Volvo FH750 Aisla and more…

For every issue Truck & Driver picks a cover star. We like to call it Ed’s Choice (mainly because Editor Dougie Rankine gets to choose it)… and while we’d urge you to pick up a copy of Truck & Driver every month to get the full low-down on our cover stars – these short videos give you just a small flavour of what these trucks and their owners are like.

McGeown International: Meet European haulier Gary McGeown, who talks about his Scania T-Cab V8 and the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust fund.

Alex Anderson‘s Volvo FH750 Ailsa Edition. Need we say more?

Mackin Transport: We headed to Northern Ireland to meet Kevin Mackin and checked out his impressive collection of vintage Scanias

Stuart Nicol Transport took on two new Renault Range T High trucks for Continental work. The traffic staff and their families got to choose emojis to put on the livery!

Manners Transport: Who wouldn’t want to talk about a Scania S730 V8?

KER Transport, run by Ken Reed, has been investing in DAFs and hopes to take advantage of the expanding port of Southampton.

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