New Scanias for Spiers & Hartwell

A dozen new Scania S500s are set for Spiers & Hartwell. Since taking delivery of the New Generation S500s in 2018, S&H has experienced improved fuel efficiency, up by an average of 12% across the fleet.

Adrian Lake, S&H operations manager, says: “We achieve 9.5mpg with the new vehicles; we were getting 8.0-8.5mpg with the previous generation. With a fleet of 50 trucks, this can quickly add up.

“We have a long-term partnership with Scania. Some companies may think that using one company for everything – vehicles, telematics, driver training, repair and maintenance – is a risk, but for us it’s a comfort knowing that everything is being taken care of by Scania and it makes it simpler for us.”

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