Our pals at DAF know what Biglorryblog likes- and he likes these a lot

Dear PR folks, If you want to grab this BLB editors attention, then this is how to do it, combine a smart looking truck with some connection to beer – works every time.
These rather nice PR shots came with the message that the first new addition to the CF range with the PACCAR PX-7 engine is the FAR, featuring a 7.5-tonne trailing axle with single wheels behind the 11.5-tonne drive axle. This gives the 26 tonne GVW vehicle a body and payload allowance of almost 19 tonnes. The second addition is the FAS which has twin tyres on the rearmost axle for heavier duty applications such as hook loaders.

The new models are ideal for payload critical applications in local and regional distribution, including the transportation of food products, building materials, chilled goods and livestock. All the new models with the trailing rear axle are available with Day Cab, Sleeper Cab and Space Cab.

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