Stuart Nicol driver not tyre-ing of Michelin

The first truck driver ever employed by Stuart Nicol Transport is promising to continue his decades-long support for Michelin as the Lanarkshire transport and logistics firm prepares to mark its 20th year in business.

Stewart Peoples has proudly displayed Michelin branding on his vehicles and regularly painted his tyres with the manufacturer’s name ever since the haulier’s founder, Stuart Nicol, gave him a job as a truck driver in 2004. 

“Michelin tyres have always been good to me. I love the brand. Simply put, they make the best tyres, especially in terms of grip and longevity. That’s why all the trucks I’ve driven since 1980 have had the Michelin sun strip. It still has pride of place on the windscreen of my Scania S730, and I take great pleasure in painting my tyres to keep them looking smart,” Stewart said.

His truck, specially customised for him by Stuart Nicol Transport, features MICHELIN XFN2 tyres on the front axle, with products from the X Multi range fitted on the middle axles and X Multi Remix on the drive axle.

Peoples reckons he can comfortably run the same Michelin tyres for up to two years, clocking up about 650 km a day.

“The truck is definitely a talking point. Wherever I go, other drivers often comment that it’s absolutely stunning. When I went to Gran Canaria for a job, the truck was like a pop star – everyone was taking photos,” he adds.

Scott McIntyre, MD of Stuart Nicol Transport, described Stewart as “a special calibre of individual who has been a passionate ambassador for Michelin for many years”, even in Iraq where the trucks he drove for the US Military during the Gulf War featured his cherished Michelin sun strip.

“Stewart deserves a lot of credit. His loyalty, commitment and dedication to our business is outstanding,” Scott said.

Stuart Nicol Transport has grown their fleet to more than 70 vehicles and 114 trailers. Most of their trucks are Scania and Volvo tractor units. Established in 2004, the business has grown into one of Scotland’s premier transport specialists employing 120 staff.

The company’s headquarters in Shotts, Lanarkshire houses its transport and palletways operations and also includes a 12,000 sq ft tranship warehouse and HGV workshop.

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