The Aixam Mega electric van. It’s a light truck Jim…but not as we know it says Biglorryblog…

Mega%20electric%20van.JPGFancy a delivery van that costs less than 2p a mile to run? “But that’s impossible Biglorryblog!” I hear you shout. Well not if you’re the proud owner of the Aixam Mega electric van (that’s one pictured above) which you can see at the CV Show at Birmingham between April 15-17 2008. And no jokes please about needing a 50-mile mains lead either….And if you can’t wait until then why not visit the Megavan website here? Meanwhile, the Megavan could be just the job as EU and UK environmental legislators get more and more vexed about exhaust emissions from delivery trucks, including small vans, in inner city areas. The French vehicle maker builds a full range of electric or diesel-powered utility vehicles and has been importing them into the UK since 2005. And Biglorryblog is impressed to learn that sales of its vehicles have more than doubled over the past year, to businesses as diverse as sandwich delivery companies, local authorities, large chemical companies and the Isle of Man Post Office. Now click through here for more details…

The Mega Multitruck range includes van, tipper, dropside, pick-up and chassis cab models with each of the three-metre long mini-trucks offering a payload of up to 415 kg. And for the record, the electrics have a top speed of 40mph and a range of around 60 miles per single charge. The diesel Mega Multitruck is no slouch either achieving around 80mpg.The miniature movers offer “…highly significant cost savings for hard-pressed vehicle operators,” Aixam Mega’s UK managing director, Lawrence Holland tells me, adding “The electric versions of the Mega Multitrucks can be recharged overnight from any standard electric socket and cost less than 2p per mile to run. They give off zero particulate and carbon emissions in use, and are therefore exempt from London’s congestion charge, and from Road Tax.” And did anyone mention the new London Low Emission Zone?Last but not least, if you can’t charge the Mega Multitruck overnight don’t worry as you can still do a full day’s work in it provided you have 52,468 AA batteries handy….(just kidding on that bit).

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