The Boss is back on BIglorryblog with this piece of Americana

The Blogmeister posted this on Twitter ( you can find the Blogmeister on Twitter at @BrianWeatherle3 ) but Twitter doesn’t do it for me, says The Boss so I trust you might wish to post this up. Was getting withdrawal symptoms , not a decent pic to be had then my buddy pulled in the yard with this 1947 3/600 Chevy pick up truck, truly great looking rig and wearing it’s original ‘patina’ it seems. This has been fitted with an Isuzu engine and the under thingys have all been modernised, it just looks so good but does it really run on Jack Daniels finest ‘sour mash’ from Tennessee might just give Maggie a boost, might even give me a boost. I cannot believe this rig is 1 year older than I am,just look at the dash it has more sparkle than I have. Now in France, just east of Nantes heading for Cholet, junction 5 was a normal Routiers which has now been done up as a Western Saloon, the food is good, parking huge and the décor is truly Western I had a great night there so any one passing, call in, you won’t be disappointed. Very difficult to find a decent pic these days. least something that interests me ah!..

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