The lost art of roping and sheeting on Biglorryblog part #2..this is how to tie a dolly knot!


“Hi Brian,” adds Peter Davis. “I see your mention of ‘dolly’ knots. As a special gesture I have produced a step-by-step graphic showing how (I think) it’s done. I was shown by an expert many years ago and I have never forgotten. The attached shots show that expert, my good friend and mentor, Ieuan Evans, tying a dolly knot whilst sheeting a sixteen and a half ton load of 5000 engineering bricks at Cynghordy Brickworks, near Llandovery, in September 1964….as a matter of interest they were destined for Ellesmere Port for sewer construction at the ‘new’ Vauxall Motors factory. The lorry is a 1963 AEC Mammoth Major V type G8RAD with AV691 and 6-speed overdrive. It had a Clayton exhaust brake. Lovely motor!
Regards Peter D (eightwheeler nut!).” And click through here to see Ieuan doing his thing!


A lost art for sure…except on restored waggons!



All gone thanks to the curtainsider…