The Truck & Driver Podcast Episode 2 is out now. Owner-driver update from Chris Maddison, Euro 6 truck discussions, Mat Ireland calls in from his shift in a MAN TGX

Truck and Driver Podcast Episode Two is out now!

Owner-driver trials and tribulations update from Chris

A look at suitable Euro 6 trucks

A cool new event for drivers at Tip-EX

Mat Ireland calls in from a MAN TGX on the sugar beet

In our second installment Dougie tries to tempt Chris with a selection of Euro 6 trucks (the innovative suggestion of making a Foden replica out a Daf CF 530 was sadly shot down in flames) plus we have some exclusive details on an exciting new feature at Tip-Ex-Tank-Ex 2020 taking place on the Friday evening and Saturday 28/29th May in Harrogate. Listen in to find out more!

Team T&D’s Mat Ireland also calls in from his shift on the sugar beet where the perennial question is asked: Why is the MAN TGX steering wheel so big?

We went and asked the question and guess what… it’s NOT just because they think it looks cool. It’s that size so you can have less turns lock-to-lock. Here’s what MAN had to say: “The steering wheel in designed to work within the guidelines of emergency steering effort, allowing greater leverage in the event of an emergency.  However if the operator takes the Comfort Steering option, which is electronically assisted, the vehicle will come with the smaller 460mm steering wheel.”

Our next episode is out on Wednesday February 5th – and we’ve got a very special guest on this one! The NEW March issue of Truck & Driver is out this Friday, 31st January and has features on all seven truck makers plus a bit of British and Australian action too.

To find out more about Tip-Ex and Tank-Ex, check out here:

If you listened and paid attention and would like to know more about the driver’s day, get in touch with Dougie via any of the usual channels.