Totally tyreiffic news as TJ Transport Ltd agrees five-year partnership with Goodyear’s Total Mobility package


Tyres. Black, circular, made of rubber. You fit them, inflate them and fit new ones when they wear our. Simple? Well, no. Tyres play a huge role in the efficiency of a truck fleet, with major influence on fuel economy and safety, along with running costs and uptime. As trucks have got much more complex so have tyres – which is why Goodyear has come up with their Total Mobility package.

The tyre manufacturing giant has just announced that its its tailored end-to-end fleet offering, , will support TJ Transport Ltd in a five-year partnership. TJ Transport Ltd is a leading bulk haulage provider, serving the construction, building materials and waste industries. For over 20 years, TJ Transport Ltd has operated through a network of quarries and wharves around the UK, providing an all-encompassing service for commercial customers.

As part of Goodyear Total Mobility, Goodyear Proactive Solutions will be used on the full TJ Transport Ltd fleet. This mobility solution continuously monitors tyre pressures and temperatures, alerting fleet managers to required maintenance and potential hazards ahead of time.

TruckForce will also be on hand to support the fleet. A 24/7 commercial vehicle support network, specialising in the lifecycle management of truck tyres, TruckForce has 13 hubs situated around the UK. TJ Transport Ltd.’s main TruckForce hub will be based in Southampton and will help with emergency callouts and everyday proactive maintenance. Goodyear Total Mobility also includes support from ServiceLine24h roadside assistance and FleetOnlineSolutions – Goodyear’s Internet-based fleet management system.

Within this agreement, the TJ Transport Ltd fleet will be supplied with the Goodyear OMNITRAC S D MSTII. This tyre is part of a new heavy-duty range for mixed service trucks operating under severe conditions. The new and improved range offers upgraded durability, efficiency, mileage and traction in all weather conditions.

The vehicles will benefit from DuraShield tyre technology, a top belt layer that provides extra resistance against casing damage caused by potholes and sharp stones, for example. The tyres also bear the 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake) marking, which establishes their performance and compliance with winter regulations.

The OMNITRAC S D MSTII tyre is also integrated with radio-frequency identification (RFID). The RFID tag is embedded inside the tyre to allow simple identification and connectivity to tyre management and tracking systems. It enables the tyre to communicate with a cloud-system, resulting in efficient tyre flow management.

Lee Downer, Fleet Manager at TJ Transport Ltd, comments: “It’s vital that our fleet is supported by a reliable and proactive solution to ensure our vehicles can achieve maximum capacity in the available working hours. I am confident that the services and products provided by Goodyear, with their various advancements in tyre technology, will ease the efficient and safe delivery of our products to the construction and building materials industry.”