Volkswagen Heavy Trucks in South American…in praise of the Brazilian-built bright ‘Constellation’ on Biglorryblog!


‘World Truck’ time on Biglorryblog. Sitting through the recent MAN press conference at the IAA in hanover last week I found myself was wondering if MAN and VW had given up any plans to offer the TItan Constellation (built in South America) in Europe. It’s definitely going to South Africa but after secret shots of a Titan Constellation being trialled in Britain appeared in the UK press some time ago it’s all gone rather quiet. If I recall correctly it’s powered by a Cummins ISLe at a modest 320hp…one wonders if the Germans wouldn’t prefer to put their own MAN D20 10-litre lump in it which goes up to 400hp–if they’re not already doing it. I do like the cab, however.  Now click through here for more BLB musings… 


Since MAN bought the VW’s Brazilian based truck and bus operation in Resende in 2009 there’s been a lot of speculation as to what the Bavarians would do with it and the local factory that makes the Constellation and have already launched their own trucks—TGS/X models in South America following the acquisition alongside the VW product line-up.

newConstellation line-up.jpg

I would hope that MAN would keep the VW Constellation Titan going, it’s an attractive model and it ensures there’s plenty of variety in the global truck market…otherwise we’ll all end up with an ‘identikit’ world truck that’s the same for everyone….vive le difference says Biglorryblog! But what do you think?

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