Volvo boosts the power of gas-fuelled FH & FM

Volvo biogas FH

Volvo Trucks is launching a new, more powerful gas-powered version of its FH and FM which can run on liquified biogas.

The manufacturer said its new truck can carry out demanding long-distance journeys, while reducing overall CO2 emissions.

Five years ago, Volvo launched its first HGVs that can run on liquified biogas, often called bio-LNG, which is a renewable fuel that can be produced from many types of organic waste, including food scraps.

The fuel can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 100%, Volvo said.

The new gas-powered FH and FM are getting a higher power level of 500hp, joining the previous 420 and 460hp engines.

The gas engines also get major technical upgrades that makes them up to 4% more fuel efficient. This, together with a new 10% larger gas tank, contributes to a longer range.

“Our efficient gas-powered trucks have a performance comparable to their diesel equivalents,” said Daniel Bergstrand, Volvo’s product manager for gas-powered trucks.

“Fuelling up is almost as fast as a diesel truck and the growing network of more than 600 fuel stations for both bio-LNG and LNG in Europe makes them ideal for long-haul work,” he added.