What is it about a Volvo, the guys at Thomas Hardie tell Biglorryblog why they love the FH

The team over at Thomas Hardie Used Trucks have been waxing lyrical over Volvo trucks, in particular the FH Series.

There’s a reason that Volvo is renowned as a frontrunner of haulage. Quality and capability have always been at the heart of the Swedish marque’s core values, and this shines through in the design of their trucks – perhaps why the FH range is one of the most successful series of trucks that the world has ever seen.

Selling over 400,000 units since its 1993 inception, the FH range burst onto the scene, scooping ‘Truck of The Year’ award in ’94 – then again in 2000 and again in 2014. It seems three really is the magic number for Volvo, and since the beginning, the logistics world has been gifted with the FH12, FH16 and the modernised FH13.

To those in the know, FH stands for forward and high; for the truck’s forward control and high entry cab. The cab of an FH is a space like no other – roomy and ergonomic; it’s designed for optimum driver comfort and safety. When the second generation of the FH range was introduced, the FH13, things got even better. Volvo raised the A-pillars and lowered the engine, creating a cab that could accommodate both the Klitzschko brothers and have room to spare.

It’s not just about the super-sized, mega-comfy cab. When it comes to performance, the FH range is an unstoppable series of trucks – the D16 engine produces 750hp and torque power of 3550 N-m, so there’s not much that will pass them on a steep hill. Torque at this level truly makes every Volvo FH truck a force to be reckoned with, no matter what Merc or Scania throw their way. Simply put, FH models pull like freight trains – without ever needing to floor it.

And these are the trucks that will literally go for a million miles. Ok, kilometres, but who’s counting? Volvo trucks are renowned for their mechanical reliability – you’ll regularly see units from the FH range still truckin’ with mileage in excess of 1,000,000kms. That’s enough to drive you to the moon and back. Twice. Nice job, Volvo.

In the second half of 2015, Volvo saw the popularity of their trucks soar in the Middle East, despite what could be considered a challenging economic climate. After opening a brand new, state-of-the-art AVI production facility in Saudi Arabia, the manufacturer more than doubled sales in four markets including: Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon and Qatar. So it’s safe to say business is booming, and there are plenty of Volvo trucks thundering around the desert. Just imagine the dust clouds…

It’s encouraging to see a classic, iconic manufacturer still doing so well worldwide – it’s this type of colossal achievement that might inspire the next generation of British truckers. On Volvo’s 2015 success, president of Volvo Trucks for the Middle East Lars- Erik Forsbergh said: “The year 2015 has been a significant year for Volvo Trucks in the Middle East. The close cooperation that we have with our importers, combined with the excellent range of products with a strong focus on safety and the fully comprehensive services we offer have ensured that we have stayed a step ahead of our competition and continue to set new standards in the trucking industry.” You said it Lars

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