What the best-dressed European sleeper cab should look like inside…at least according to Biglorryblog!

Last one for today from me…and it’s what Biglorryblog thinks every European long-haul sleeper cab should look like inside….but sadly very few do. And click through here to see what it is. (It’s something that should appeal to ‘The Boss’)

Yes what else but the late-lamented Scania eXc Longline with its previous 4-series cab stretched by an extra 1.3m behind the B-post thus creating a wonderful sleeper with the bed running along the SIDE of the the cab rather than across the back.

And here’s a proud picture of BLB in front of the one he slept in a a few years ago outside Scania’s Sodertalje assembly plant…a grand night out!  When will the guys in Brussels finally grasp the nettle and change the legislation to allow longer sleeper cabs that can run with regular-size trailers? And if you think you have a better picture of a truck cab interior send it to BLB!  

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