Truck & Driver Awards

Truck & Driver Awards 2021

The Truck & Driver Awards are back for 2021. After the huge response and success of 2020 – even against the backdrop of the pandemic – we’re looking to shine a light on some of the greatest people in our industry. There are three award categories to enter, and you can do so by writing your nomination and submitting it via the portal here on the Truck & Driver website.

Tell us as much information as you can about the person you are nominating, and why you think they deserve some special recognition. We also recommend that you tell your nominee that you’re entering them for consideration! You can also nominate yourself if you so wish.

The categories are:

Young Driver of the Year (Under 30)

Lifetime Achievement: (Over 50)

Hero Of Haulage – Anyone going above and beyond the call of duty for others

Our winners receive a trophy, a feature in T&D and an invite to a posh dinner and night out at the Commercial Motor Awards at the Vox in Birmingham on December 9 2021.

Deadline for entries is October 9.

Young Driver of the year award

Young drivers have never been more important to our industry. Road transport desperately needs to attract more young people and at the moment, it’s simply not doing enough.

Now more than ever, we need to see positive young driver role models, to inspire others to think “Hey I want to do that as well”. So we’re seeking your nominations for drivers under the age of 30 who are forging a great career for themselves in haulage.

Lifetime Achievement award

Truck driving is a job like no other, it gets in your blood and often becomes much more than just a job, it’s a way of life. Here is an opportunity to pay tribute to someone who has dedicated their life to the industry; whether it’s through decades of dependable driving service, making sacrifices to support family or establishing a business and providing jobs and security for others.

Hero of Haulage award

It continues to amaze us just how many inspirational, motivated and incredibly kind people out there driving trucks for a living. There are great people in this industry who go above and beyond the call of duty to help others. From relentless charity fundraising efforts, to being there to support others in their time of need, taking time to train and assist other drivers or performing a selfless act of heroism. Who is your hero? Let’s give someone special the recognition they deserve.