A message for Biglorryblog commenters

Long-term readers of Biglorryblog may remember that they used to be able to leave comments on blog posts using a system called ‘Disqus’. At the time Disqus was also used by many of the biggest news sites in the world, including CNN and The Telegraph.

However it came to light recently that Disqus had a security breach back in 2012, and hackers stole data including user email addresses and usernames.

If you used Disqus back in 2012 or earlier, you might be affected by this. The most important thing is to change any passwords that could have been stolen. So, for example, if you used the same password on Disqus and Gmail, then you should change your Gmail password as soon as possible.

The security breach only affected Disqus, not Truckanddriver.co.uk or Commercialmotor.com. But if you are concerned and would like to know more, please see: https://blog.disqus.com/security-alert-user-info-breach


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