Road tested: Renault’s super-light Range-T 460 punches above it’s weight!

Coming your way soon in an issue of T&D is this Renault Range-T 460. Powered by the 11-litre DXi engine,  fitted with a lightweight 17.5 inch midlift and tipping gear, the truck is ideal for payload critical jobs such as tipper work. So we hooked it up to a tipper trailer and ran it hard for a full week on a mix of short stop aggregate haulage and a series of longer hauls shifting fine-smelling hen pen! Remember, we don’t “play” with trucks here at T&D, we put them into service and work them. It’s the only way to find out what a truck is really like. In a nutshell, the Renault gave a fine account of itself, with a payload of over 1.5-tonnes more than some of the other trucks on the fleet and a credible 8mpg acheived overall. The 11-litre engine did a pretty good impersonation of a 13-litre too. More details on it to come, but here’s a taster for now.


Looking all shiny on collection from Renault Trucks Bellshill

A load of stone tipped at a concrete plant. The truck spent a fair amount of time shuttling between quarry and plant.

Fuelling up beside the Volvo FH16 700.

Lovely smelling stuff this!

Fully loaded and ready to hit the road.

The version 3 FH16 is a fantastic bit of kit, and deals with 44-tonnes with the greatest of ease. It left the Renault behind on the road, but it’s a lot more thirsty on fuel and it’s heavier too, so you have to weigh all these things up when speccing a truck.

At the end of a hard day, on the weighbridge at a biomass plant, which burns the hen pen to generate electricity.

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