Collecting Cars – **PODCAST OF THE MONTH**

Collecting Cars is a new podcast – go to podcasts – launched to support and promote a new website of the same name. Here’s the PR speel: ‘The Collecting Cars platform is an online auction site that sources, markets and sells cars from across Europe. Vehicles and automobilia are submitted for consideration by their owners and are subsequently reviewed and curated by an in-house team with input from independent specialists. Collecting Cars is a free-touse platform for sellers, with a
buyer’s premium that is set significantly lower than at conventional auctions at just 6% inc VAT.’ Got it? Good. So if you have a cool old car you want to sell, or you want one, or you like such stuff, check it out. The podcast is a top-notch professional effort,
with Top Gear’s Chris Harris and the boss of Collecting Cars Edward Lovett, who introduce various guests.
There are seven episodes at the time of writing, and we chose episode four to review as the guest is Richard Porter, the man behind the Sniff Petrol website and a Top Gear script writer. Cue many entertaining stories from the world of motoring journalism. If you’re into cars, well worth a listen.
Dougie Rankine

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