100 tonnes on air on Biglorryblog

An FH16-650 double-drive 6×4 tractor unit, plated for STGO operation at up to 100 tonnes GCW, has entered service with Stockport based machinery and plant haulage transport specialist Demplant. It is the company’s first Volvo and was supplied by Thomas Hardie Commercials at Trafford Park.

Demplant’s Martin Mitchell explains that the company wanted to ‘futureproof’ its eight strong fleet capabilities by adding a 100 tonne GCW tractor unit to the line-up. “We needed to increase our maximum gross operating weight up from 80 tonnes as we are moving growing numbers of crushers and screens, as well as the road-rail and rail machinery, like the 13.2 metre long Plasser & Theurer, Beaver 90/4ZW on-rail tamping machine operated by VolkerRail. The actual ballasted weight of this machine is 40 tonnes. We also particularly wanted four-bag, rear air-suspension on our latest 6×4 heavy haulage tractor unit as it gives a better ride for the machinery and for the driver compared to steel.

Martin Mitchell also specified the Globetrotter cabbed FH16-650 with the I-Shift automated transmission and Volvo’s Load Indicator. This allows the driver, via a dashboard display, to precisely monitor axle weights, including bogie loads, on the truck as well as the trailer. The FH16-650 couples to a range of Demplant’s specialist Doll, Faymonville and King trailers, including a Doll power steered step-frame extender with a 6 metre extension and remote control. The rear three axles of this Doll trailer (pictured) are steered and the front axle lifts.

Wheelbase of the 6×4 tractor unit is 3.4 metres and the fully leather upholstered cab is equipped with all the usual home comforts such as a microwave. The 26-tonne bogie’s drive axles feature hub-reduction and the front axle is rated at 10-tonnes at 30 mph when operating under STGO regulations. The fifth wheel is a Jost JSK38 C1, which features a changeable jaw, enabling swaps between 2 inch and 3.5 inch trailer kingpins if required.