Alpha’s looking for a new home, Biglorryblog gets the details

Our man Russ writes to Biglorryblog with this tale of old  Fodens As I’d heard one of the last Foden users in London are soon to be selling off their fleet, Russ was up there for a – you guessed it – BLB exclusive!

Having spoken to both the transport manager, the mechanic in chief, and fellow drivers, they all agree these wagons have put in great service over the years, and it is not surprising some would be sad to see them go.

Already fitted with Eminox particulate traps, and expertly serviced over the decade, its now time for a replacement, and I believe a new fleet of Mercs are on their way.

So what better than to catch a shoot of these working trucks before their regrettably sad departure?

Included is pics of the CAT Alphas, with C12 and the classic 8 legger famous British configuration. They tell me some of them have mileage as low as 360k (some were standby use only), and have been expertly maintained by CAT themselves.

If there are any interested buyers, London waste are keen to hear from you!

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