Aussie Bicentennial Macks…they all had a name says Biglorryblog!


It’s amazing what you can learn from Biglorryblog. Or to be more accurate (more accurate?…ah forget it) Anyway having blogged on the Mack Trucks Australia Heritage website and this wonderful Bicentennial Mack tractor I get an e-mail from Cam in Oz who says: “Hi Brian, all the Bicentennial Macks have got a name. They were built in 1988, Australia’s Bicentennial year. I suppose you could say 1788 was when the Poms started exporting to Australia, Cam.” Anyway here, just to prove what Cam says, is a selection of name plates from Bicentennial Macks…enjoy.


First Captain Bligh (and for a pie…what ship did he command?)


Not sure who Ernest Giles was..maybe someone can tell me?


And as for Captain Starlight…well that’s anyone’s guess. Any relation to Captain’s Log? Now click through here to see the ultimate Bincentennial Mack line-up, courtesy of Cam.


See what I mean…..? Nice.

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