Biffa specs up four new Iveco X-Ways

Biffa Iveco X-Way

Biffa, the UK-based sustainable waste management company, has taken delivery of four new Iveco X-Way trucks to bolster its fleet of over 3000 vehicles.

Waste disposal is often taken for granted, but the completion of demanding tasks and round-the-clock work of its fleet is essential to a smooth-running service. This is why Biffa has spec’d up a quartet of rugged X-Ways (AD360X42Z OFF) to join their fleet as bulk carriers.

Biffa maintains around 400 bulk carriers to serve as the mechanical muscle for many of its services. Collecting large industrial waste units for transportation to recycling plants and landfill means these machines need to be tough, especially as many final mile routes are often unpaved.

These 8×4 X-Ways are spec’d with Iveco’s ‘OFF’ variant, which features an approach angle of more than 25 degrees to prepare for challenging terrain.

They also have ‘Rocking Mode’, which helps boost traction should the vehicle become stuck in mud or snow. By modifying clutch behaviour, this mode oscillates the vehicle to scoop loose material under the wheel to gain more grip. A sturdy steel bumper further adds to the truck’s overall durability.

Supplied by Guest Trucks, the X-Way vehicles feature bodywork from Boughton Engineering who also installed the hydraulic hook-loader system. When combined with the X-Way chassis, the vehicle can self-sufficiently load industrial waste bins weighing up to 16 tonnes.

“It was important to us to select a vehicle that could operate at the highest standard, but also has longevity as we want our vehicles to last as long as possible before replacement,” said Darren Judd, Biffa head of fleet development.

Set to cover around 44,000 miles per year and potentially operate 18-hour days via dual shifts, these trucks could reasonably “return to the depot after one shift, switch driver and be off out on the road again,” Judd added.

Driver comfort was high on Biffa’s priority list, which is why each of these new X-Ways have a standard air-suspended driver’s seat and cruise control. A 12-speed Hi-Tronix automated gearbox further adds to ease of driving, mated to a Cursor 11 diesel engine producing 420 bhp and 2000 Nm of torque.

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