Biglorryblog is back and in its new home

You may have noticed that Biglorryblog has been quiet recently, Simple reason  is we have had to move onto different software.  We have taken advantage of the change with a new look  and moved to share the Truck & Driver webspace. The bad news is we couldn’t migrate over the majority of  Biglorryblog. Some of the old data was too corrupted  with many images missing.  We have  moved the 200 most viewed posts  and will be growing the blog almost daily.

But we need your help. Biglorryblog relies on the anorak army to provide much of the content. If you have interesting images and or a story to tell please send it to us

However please ensure that you either have the copyright to any images or written permission  to send them to us for publishing. Without that we cannot use your submission.

As usual the address to send  your contribution is [email protected]