Biglorryblog is starting the year with some great truck snaps from Peter D

Heartily full of seasonal mince pies and festive ale, Biglorryblog is back for the new year with these best wishes from Peter D and some great truck spots

Here’s wishing one and all  a Happy New Year! 2015 promises to be a good year for ‘Truck Nuts’ – loads of great new trucks coming on the road so get those cameras ready! Here are a few shots I’ve taken recently to get you going. Dull, wet weather shouldn’t stop you getting out there and snapping away. I recently stopped on the A50 en route to a meeting at Rocester and the weather was awful – dark, raining and cold. I can never resist stopping in lay-bys and hoping for that gem to come along – there’s always great stuff on the A50. I spent an hour or so and decided to move on in case I was late for the meeting. Seat belt on, fire up the motor and ‘****!’ – a beautiful T cab went by so I missed it.

Now ‘when I were a lad’ about 50 years ago I thought nothing of chasing after nice motors in order to get a shot – ‘leapfrogging’ is the term – so this T cab was too good to miss. I got past it and stopped at the next lay-by. At the crucial moment he decides to overtake one of Grocott’s MANs so, once again, I was robbed. Not to be outdone I got past it again and by this time I was getting near my turn off so I had to pull up at any spot I could find but it was a case of ‘Bingo!’ – I got three shots of it and the driver kindly put on all his lights and gave me a blast on the air horns. At 75 I might getting a bit old for such mad activities but once a truck nut always a truck nut. Any road – enjoy the pictures (that is if they are to your taste).  and they most certainly are to this BLB editors taste- keep em coming Peter and happy new year to you

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