Biglorryblog learns the story of evolution- from the side of an Actros

Josef Schumachers new 1845 Actros has more than just a striking livery. The Actros  called “The cradle of mankind” left the workshop of airbrush artist Walter Rosner at the end of JanuaryThe story begins on the driver’s side of the 1845 GigaSpace cabin. where the venue is the primeval savanna of Africa, where a gorilla sits and looks over to his already erect the relatives. Two chimpanzees in a tree to watch as the ancestor of modern man learns the use of tools from stone On the passenger side, early man discoveres fire, learns the different hunting techniques Over the entire vehicle the eye can discover countless other small notes on the most salient points from the history of the creation of man: the theory of evolution versus religion, the emergence of spiritual being in the form of philosophy or first great inventions, such as around the Sundial. The back of the trailer offers an overview in facts and figures.This however is not the first decorated truck for Spedition Schumacher as the  managing director points out “”It all started SK at the time with our”Aachen “truck, a Mercedes 1848”, “Dinosaurs” (ACTROS 1846 Euro V), “The gold rush” (ACTROS 1846Euro V), “The Crusades” (ACTROS 1846 Euro V), the “truck of emotion” (ACTROS 1846 Euro V), “The constellations” (ACTROS 1845 Euro V GigaSpace), “flying (ACTROS 1845 Euro VI GigaSpace), the”mega”(ACTROS 1845 Euro VI GigaSpace),”Charles the great”(ACTROS 1851 Euro VI GigaSpace) and”Cologne truck”(ACTROS 1845 Euro VI GigaSpace)