Biglorryblog learns why Allegro keeps buying the three pointed star

Allegro Transport operates a large fleet of trucks in a variety of sizes and configurations, all but a handful of which are by Mercedes-Benz. Latest to arrive are a quartet of 4×2 Actros 1843 tractor units with aerodynamic StreamSpace cabs. They are powered by315 kW (428 hp) six-cylinder engines driving through the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmissions.

Based in Alfreton, Derbyshire, the company has been buying trucks bearing the three-pointed star from East Midlands Dealer Mertrux for nearly 40 years. “My father began doing business with Don Marshall, who founded Mertrux, back in the mid-1970s, shortly after it became a founding member of the Mercedes-Benz network,” said Managing Director Andrew Litchfield.” “These are our first examples from the latest-generation, Euro VI Actros range, and we’re very impressed,” confirmed Mr Litchfield. “In their first few weeks on the road they were hitting well in excess of 9 mpg, and frequently reaching 10 mpg. A couple of months on, and the trucks now having bedded in; they’re averaging 10-11 mpg, which represents a significant improvement on our fleet average.”

Plated at 40 tonnes gcw, the Actros are now making deliveries across Europe, mainly of full-load consignments of palletised items for customers in the electrical and automotive sectors. “We opted for 4×2 tractors because they spend so much time on the Continent,” explained Mr Litchfield.