Biglorryblog: Tiger building a smart image with Iveco

The image a scaffolders truck raises is probably a beaten up fairly old flatbed operating out of a small untidy, plank and pole strewn yard. But at least one company bucks against the stereotype.

Mark Parkin & Barry Brown are both directors of TIGER Scaffolding They are just moving in to their impressive new yard set up in Whitby North Yorkshire. The team carry out specialist design projects throughout the UK mainly in the North East & North Yorkshire.


Mark  & Barry  have always used Iveco trucks to support their operations, They recently purchased 3 new 12t ivecos 120-190 from NETV complete with auto-gear boxes in addition They had bespoke bodies fitted with edge protection, tube sockets and drop-sides with then fitted steps that neatly folds & slides away under the deck.  The Managing Directors told Biglorryblog ’”We have always used Iveco truck to support our operations, we currently have a fleet of 12 trucks & vans”


The graphics make the trucks stand out and are a mile away from the publics image of scaffolders vehicles


Tiger are proud to be members of the scaffolding association where Mark sits on the committee . Tiger have recently developed a brand new scaffolding patented fitting into the industry the new KLAWZ EN74 – Class B double will save the user time, material & labour on all projects.



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