Driver training providers across the country are seeing a backlog of expired medicals due to the pandemic and the shutdown of HGV testing – but D4D has a solution

The expired medicals, meaning that many drivers need to rebook and undergo the medical before completing their training, is impacting the transport industry as haulage and transport firms also deal with the impact of Brexit.

The industry has seen an increase in trucks, and drivers, needing to be on the roads since the pandemic hit – but lockdown has seen many driver medical certificates expire over the past few months.

Midlands-based D4Drivers is now working with training providers to ensure they can continue to meet the needs of learners, including providing discounted medicals for trainees who currently hold expired certificates.

Tom Blain, of D4Drivers, which has more than 80 testing sites in the UK and Ireland, said: “A shortage of drivers is a real issue for the transport sector and we are working closely with HGV training providers to provide an efficient and cost-effective service as GP surgeries continue to be under pressure.

“And this service now includes providing discounted medicals for trainees holding expired medical certificates.

“Those training providers who have been working with us throughout the pandemic know that it is our top priority to ensure medicals continue to go ahead, and in a timely fashion but we are aware that there is a backlog of expired medicals and are working with providers to ensure a swift return to normal service.

“In order to ensure that we are doing everything we can to support training providers across the UK, we are offering all providers who open an account with D4Drivers the opportunity to book medicals at a significantly reduced price of £25 for any candidates with an expired medical who will need another one before they can progress with their training.

We are also offering training providers a permanent £5 discount on each of their bookings for the rest of 2021.”

D4 medical forms are only valid for four months once signed but the medical certificate is needed to continue with the HGV training and obtain a licence.

If you are a training provider looking for assistance with medicals then please do contact us on 0300 3030 668 or email us at [email protected]