Mystery spy shots of a new prototype tractor…but which one wonders Biglorryblog?

I’m obliged to both Barney (a Biglorryblog regular) and Gianenrico Griffini editor of Tuttotrasporti magazine in Italy for a) alerting me to these ‘spy shots’ of mystery test trucks and b) for allowing me to reproduce them—thanks Gianenrico! And thanks for the tip-off too Barney!
Both these pictures are on the Tuttotrasporti website though this one isn’t helped by the fact the snapper got his camera strap in the way either….! Anyroadup they feature in the coming edition of Tuttotrasporti magazine and already they’ve created quite a stir in terms of prompting readers to suggest what they might be.  Barney tells me: “So far the guesses are new Daf XF, Man, Renault or a Scania. I think it is either the new Merc Actros or a MAN. What do you think? Throw it open to the Biglorrybloggers….regards Barney.”
So what do you all think? Now click through here for more more…..


Meanwhile, I particularly like the ‘dazzle camouflage’ paint finish which reminds me of the way they used to try and break up the outline of wrships in WWII using similar paint schemes! Those black portins below the mirrors are either blacked in glass or dummy windows..can’t quite figure out. What does Biglorryblog think? The wheel rings look familiar though not enough to put my fingr on it….not sure it’s a Daf…indeed I’m not expecting to see a replacement for XF105 for quite a while. Which leaves Merc (possible) and Scania is supposed to be showing a new Euro-5 V8 later this year so maybe it goes with that. But given what’s already appeared I’m tempted to say it’s a Merc.