Its a gas for La Poste and this Range D says Biglorryblog

On 18th April, Renault Trucks handed over the keys of a Renault Trucks Range D Wide

NGV vehicle to La Poste at its Rungis depot in Paris. This is the first truck running on

compressed natural gas for vehicles (CNG) to be acquired by La Poste, further

demonstrating the French Post Office’s commitment to improving the quality of air in

urban environments and an example of how the two Groups are continuing to co-

operate in the field of eco-mobility.

For more than 10 years, the La Poste has been implementing a comprehensive sustainable

development policy and currently operates one of the world’s largest fleets of electric

vehicles, numbering over 30,000 trucks, cars, quads, three-wheelers and electrically-assisted



La Poste is also committed to an ambitious research and development policy aimed at

deploying vehicles of the future by testing cars and cycles running on hydrogen. As part of

this, Renault Trucks is collaborating with La Poste in testing an experimental Renault Maxity

Electric vehicle fitted with an operating range extender running on a fuel cell – the only truck

running on hydrogen in Europe. In addition, over the past year, La Poste has made a commitment to extend its use of vehicles running on Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) throughout the country.

Technical details of the Renault Trucks Range D Wide CNG

 Model: Range D Wide CNG rigid 4×2

 Engine: Euro-6 NGT9 / 6 cylinders / 9 litre / 320 hp

 Tanks: 8 x 100 litre CNG tanks down both sides of the chassis.

 Operating range: up to 400 kms depending usage

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