NWT returns to DAF with six new XG 450s

NWT's new DAF XGs

Shipping container and rail freight specialist Newell & Wright Transport (NWT) has returned to the built-in-Britain DAF marque with the delivery of six new XG 450 three-axle tractor units – representing the first DAFs in the Newell & Wright fleet since 2019.

The new DAF XG tractors – featuring FTG 6×2 axle configuration – join the 105-vehicle operation following “very encouraging” fuel trials, with economy figures continuing to improve week-on-week since vehicles hit the road in March.

The current fuel average across the new XG units stands at over 10.5 mpg – an almost 20% improvement in economy over previous DAF models and equating to a saving of over 5200-litres of fuel per vehicle over 100,00 km/year.

NWT said the New Generation DAF XG cab has been a hit with drivers, citing excellent visibility boosted by the cab’s low belt-line, low dashboard and passenger door window.

With a move into rail freight in 2016, NWT has drastically reduced its carbon footprint by cutting road miles by around 35%. The company operates out of two rail heads at Sheffield and Rotherham, handling 37 trains every week to Southampton, London Gateway and Felixstowe.

Group operations director, Stephen Newell, said: “We had some efficiency issues with previous DAFs,” he said, “but the New Generation product is delivering considerably better fuel results and continuing to improve.

“Our trucks are double-shifted. They run locally during the day and then onto distance work overnight. Other than weekends, the engines are running pretty much 24 hours a day.

“Like all fleets,” he added, “fuel is the biggest overhead, so we’re very sensitive to any fluctuations in economy.”

NWT purchased the new DAF fleet outright. The company performs its own vehicle R&M and recovery from its Tinsley, Sheffield facility. Having served the region for over 50 years, NWT was created by Stephen Newell’s father and uncle.