The all new DAF XF XG and XG+ here’s some essential facts you need to know about this exciting new range of trucks from the all new cabs to updated engines + new technology

The new generation of Daf trucks was revealed this month. Here’s a rundown of the essential facts

Brand new cabs

There are three completely new cabs: XF, XG and XG +. The XF will likely take on the role of a fleet truck or where weight is a priority. The difference between the XG and XG + is the roof height. Production of the new range begins in October, and the existing XF will continue. The new XF’s cab is 75mm lower than the old one and there is a 175mm step in the middle, where there is 1900mm standing height. There is a 160mm elongation at the front to aid aerodynamics. An improvement of 10% fuel economy is being quoted, two thirds of which is achieved from class-leading aerodynamics.

Loads more space

The new XG range has an extra 330mm space at the rear of the cab, making it the biggest on the market. The cab floor is set 125mm higher than the XF, and there is a 50mm step in the middle, so it’s still only four steps to get in. Standing height is either 1980 or 2220mm. The XG + has 14% more interior volume than the old XF Super Space. There’s a new mechanical or electric fully adjustable Daf Relax bed with optional topper. Both driver and passenger seats have a swivel option on the XG/+. Under the bunk, one or two drawers of refrigerators are available in while 1.5 litre bottles can stand upright.

Updated engines

Both the MX11 and MX13 engine feature new injectors, a new cylinder head and block and new pistons and liners. There are new turbos, air compressors, oil pumps and alternators. The exhaust aftertreatment system has been redesigned. The horsepower outputs stay the same, but there’s an increase of between 50 to 100Nm across the range. The MX13 530 now produces 2700Nm of torque in top gear and 2550Nm in all others, with max torque available from 900rpm. We suspect that there will be more power to come from this engine in the future

New chassis

Due to the 160mm longer cab front, a new chassis has been designed. It features new, stiffened cross members and new front aluminium under-run protection. There’s new cab suspension, with new dampers and crash brackets. The rear axle has been redesigned with a new geometery and the fifth wheel has been repositioned. This means an extended wheelbase of 4000mm for the XG/+. There’s a completely new steering system too, which should all contribute to class-leading handling

Daf Digital Vision

Mirror cameras are optional. Featured include auto-panning and display overlays for the length of the vehicle. “Even under extreme weather conditions, the heated cameras provide a clear view” says Daf. The cameras are electronically retractable at the press of a button

Another new feature is Daf Corner View, which replaces the kerb and front view mirrors and exceeds the field of vision offered by these mirrors greatly. The display is mounted on the passenger side A-pillar

New dash functions

Daf’s philosophy is quoted as “Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road” and the result of this is that while there are two new digital displays (the second 10” one is optional for the Daf Infotainment system) there are no touch screens. All the driving related functions are operated via the steering wheel and the column stalks. All gear functions are now stalk operated. Daf’s Electronic Park Brake will be added to the range in the near future

Initial verdict

The new range looks hugely impressive. There’s loads of space in those new cabs, the dash layout and living space looks superb and more importantly, so does the vision with a relatively low driving position and huge glass area. With better aerodynamics and reworked engines, fuel economy should be excellent which will please operators while drivers will appreciate that bit of extra pulling power from the engines (surely the MX13 will get more power in due course). We’ll be interested to see how good the optional mirror cam system is. Overall, it’s been a long wait for a new Daf but they’ve taken their time and got it right