The people who spend most time trucking on Britain’s main roads – HGV drivers – have spoken and claim that the M6 toll – a free flowing route around Birmingham – is the very best motorway in the UK.

Often referred to on the road as the Midland Expressway, and with 26 miles of six lane motorway, the M6 toll was chosen by 32 percent of the HGV drivers polled as Britain’s most enjoyable motorway route.

Following close behind was the M25 (31 percent), also known as London’s Orbital Motorway and encircling most of Greater London, the M40 (30 percent), which links London, Oxford and Birmingham, and the M4 (28 percent), originally the London-South Wales Motorway and connecting southwest Wales to West London.

Also to make the list was the M6 (28 percent), the M74 (28 percent) and the M1 (27 percent).

Researchers from Roadchef also asked HGV drivers all about life on the road and found that a good motorway depends on the smoothness of road surface (62 percent), the quality of the services and rest stops (61 percent) and the likelihood of less traffic (51 percent).

HGV drivers also rated the best motorways depending on how polite its drivers tend to be (47 percent), beautiful views (45 percent) and simply just liking the M number (38 percent).

And that’s not all, as a whopping 95 percent claim that Britain is home to the best motorways in the world.

Meanwhile nine in ten HGV drivers (95 percent) admit there’s a romance about being on the open road they can’t resist – with 92 percent confessing that they love long distance journeys.

40 percent are cheered up whenever they see the blue colour of a motorway sign, while 38 percent admit they always feel relaxed when driving on an M road.

And four in ten agree that motorways have been a boon for Britain ever since they were first built.

While live music radio (81 percent) still reigns supreme as the best thing to listen to while driving, 57 percent of HGV drivers indulge in a podcast instead, while 29 percent are partial to a non-fiction audio book.

And the research suggests that the UK’s HGV drivers are true metalheads, rating heavy metal (58 percent) as the best music genre to listen to while driving.

They also like to buckle up for some country western tunes (55 percent), while a sophisticated 53 percent enjoy relaxing to some jazz instead.

The research of 100 HGV drivers also asked the nation’s heavy goods drivers on the best songs to listen to while cruising down a road, with Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins taking the top spot (36 percent).

The classic roadtrip song was closely followed by Nutbush City Limits by Ike and Tina Turner (36 percent), Dude Looks Like A Lady by Aerosmith (33 percent) and American Pie by Don Mclean (33 percent).

Other popular tunes to be enjoyed on the open road were Hold Back the River by James Bay (31 percent), Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing (27 percent) and Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon (26 percent).

Tracy Baitup, Director of Commercial Income from Roadchef, which conducted the research said: “Our research reveals the UK’s ultimate motorways, from the M6 toll through to the M40 and M74, as well as the best songs to listen to while out on the open road.

“At Roadchef, we understand how gruelling it can be when you spend countless hours on the road, which is why we try to give HGV drivers a welcoming spot to rest that will leave them feeling refreshed and energised. With our HGV parking facilities, loyalty schemes and meal savings from popular brands and restaurants, our services are designed with HGV drivers in mind.”

And when it comes to on the road refreshments, 46 percent of HGV drivers will enjoy a Coca Cola, while 43 percent prefer a caffeine hit with a large coffee.

43 percent like to sip on energy drinks, while 26 percent prefer to keep it healthy with a kombucha – and one in ten even drink protein shakes while on the road.

The poll also found that traditional fast food still reigns supreme, with the most popular food being consumed being the classic sausage roll (48 percent), followed by a burger (45 percent) and a good old packet of crisps (40 percent).

And if you don’t want to get on the nerves of an HGV driver, then avoid blocking the middle lane (50 percent of those polled find this infuriating).

The research also reveals that they can’t stand poor traffic management (46 percent), having nothing good to listen to (42 percent) and poor weather conditions (41 percent).

HGV drivers advise others on the road looking for a pleasant journey to make sure they schedule in lots of breaks (58 percent), plan the route in advance (53 percent) and make sure your seat is comfy (46 percent).

When looking to see what kind of accessories HGV drivers are looking for to make their cab more comfortable and enjoyable, 42 percent said a coffee maker and a kettle are top of the list with a fridge (35 percent) just behind, followed by a luxury truck mattress (33 percent) and curtains (31 percent). Recently, to show its support to HGV drivers, Roadchef ran a competition for drivers to be able to win a luxury upgrade to their cab worth £5,000.

Baitup continues: “Having great service areas to stop off at on your journey is one thing but making sure you’re driving and sleeping in comfort is incredibly important for these drivers, which is why we wanted to run a competition so someone is able to have the opportunity to buy some of the essentials they’re lacking like curtains and a decent truck mattress.”




  1. M6 TOLL                                                                                               32%
  2. M25                                                                                                       31%
  3. M40                                                                                                       30%
  4. M4                                                                                                         28%
  5. M6                                                                                                         28%
  6. M74                                                                                                       28%
  7. M1                                                                                                         27%
  8. M20                                                                                                       25%
  9. M80                                                                                                       25%
  10. M25                                                                                                       25%
  11. M621                                                                                                     25%
  12. M27                                                                                                       24%
  13. M26                                                                                                       24%
  14. M5                                                                                                         22%
  15. M60                                                                                                       22%